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Hi I'm Dr. Kelly Duffner

I hail from the small town of Bucyrus, Ohio. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to Chiropractic at an early age as I watched my father receive Chiropractic treatment to recover from a low back injury at work.

During my high school athletic years I started receiving regular Chiropractic care and noticed increased gains in strength and speed as a result of obtaining proper spinal alignment.

I have always had a strong interest in health and nutrition so becoming a Chiropractor was an easy decision for me. I packed my things and moved to sunny Atlanta, Georgia to attend the largest Chiropractic institution in the world, Life University. 

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What My Wonderful Patients Have To Say

  • In the five or six months prior to coming here, my headaches and knots were real bad. I was taking medicine (muscle relaxers) but not getting any long term relief. If the headaches got bad enough, I would take vicodin for them. The headaches made it really hard to focus at work. I had to look down a lot just to get a little relief. I really didn’t think about seeking chiropractic care for my headaches but my medical doctor recommended it. I also had a friend of mine from work tell me about Dr. Kelly Duffner. Today, the headaches are much better after the chiropractic care I have received. I am able to focus better at work and I am not waking up in the middle of the night with severe headaches. If I would not have come here I would probably be just be taking a lot more medications.

  • I met Dr. Kelly (Duffner) on my first visit. He took x-rays and explained the problems with my neck and spine. He was very confident that chiropractic treatment would help me. After two weeks of treatment, I knew my symptoms were diminishing. I first noticed that my neck no longer hurt. Also, my vertigo symptoms were less intense. My treatment continued, and after a couple of months, I felt quite a bit better. Treatment has allowed me to return to work and I continue to make progress. Chiropractic care is the only thing that has helped relieve my symptoms. I no longer need medications.

  • In the spring of 2017, my back was really bothering me. Several friends told me I should go see a chiropractor but I was not sure that was what I needed. My back got a lot worse. By the time I decided to make an appointment, I was in tears. The doctor told me that he would be able to help. By the fall of this year, I was a lot better. My back is getting better each time I go for an appointment. It has paid off to go to this chiropractor and I feel much better. I would tell everyone that if you have back pain, go. I will be 80 in December so it is never too late to get help from the doctor here!