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Check your rotator cuff and shoulder pain with these 2 tests…it could save you from surgery!

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Check your shoulder health with these 2 simple tests:

  1. The Empty Can Test

    • What it tests for:
      • A positive test indicates a tear to the supraspinatus tendon or muscle and can also indicate a neuropathy of the suprascapular nerve.
  2.  Apley’s Scratch Test

    • What it tests for:
      • Range of motion and movements of the shoulder girdle. This tests primarily the scapulothoracic (shoulder blade and rib cage) and glenohumeral joints (arm and shoulder blade).

Why you should be concerned if you have a positive finding

For starters, an average rotator cuff surgery costs on average, $25,870.64.  The average time to return to unrestricted duty from the date of injury was between 7 and 18 months. You’re not alone, rotator cuff disease accounts for more than 4.5 million annual visits to a physician, and more than 75,000 surgical repairs are performed a year. Not to mention, the results from rotator cuff surgery aren’t all that glamorous, “there is not much high-quality evidence-based research that can be used to conclude what surgical treatments are superior or appropriate for a given patient” one study found. Also, most conservative treatment plans are just as effective as surgery. Surgery should be your last card played.

Why do rotator cuff injuries occur so often?

  • Improper use of the shoulder
    • overuse of the heavy lifters such as the chest muscles (think pectoralis major) and the deltoids
    • not enough activation of the smaller shoulder stabilizers
  • Alignment issues
    • the shoulder joint is not centered within the glenohumeral fossa of the shoulder blade
    • deltoid pulls the shoulder up higher in the socket and jams into the acromion
  • Poor shoulder blade motion
    • shoulder blade does not move properly over the rib cage
    • tissue restrictions develop under the shoulder blade
Dr. Kelly Duffner Best Chiropractor Near Me Cincinnati Ohio
Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Most rotator cuff tears are degenerative…AKA they’ve been developing for a very long time and can be reversed.

It’s likely that if you’re having shoulder issues, you’ve had shoulder issues for a very long time. At first, you’ve probably noticed some sort of loss in your range of motion or you can’t throw that football as far as you could in high school. Next, comes some dull pain for a long long long time until the pain really gets your attention and you seek attention from a licensed healthcare provider.

How do I reverse my partial thickness rotator cuff tear?

Well assuming you have the most common rotator cuff tear, the supraspinatus tear, there are multiple things you must do to improve your condition.

  1. Regain proper scapular and mid back mobility
    • I can’t stress enough how important the mobility of your shoulder blade is over your rib cage. This allows the shoulder blade to glide over the rib cage effortlessly and allows the arm to move freely without injuring tissue.
    • The amount of extension in the thoracic spine isn’t extraordinarily excessive but it is important. If you have a hunchback or kyphosis in the mid back, it will severely limit the amount of safe range of motion the shoulder has. This can create excessive loads on the tissue if stressed during heavy lifting overhead (think in the gym or lifting boxes).
  2. Decompress the shoulder joint
    • The humerus is packed up into the acromion it jams when moving the arm above horizontal. This jamming acts as a guillotine on the supraspinatus tendon and creates positive pressure in the glenohumeral joint and starts a degenerative cascade that leads to a partial tear…over many years of course. The decompression creates a negative pressure within the joint and helps aid the delivery of oxygen-rich blood flow in and around the joint by way of the anterior and posterior circumflex humeral artery.
      Best Shoulder Chiropractor Near Me Cincinnati Ohio
      Shoulder Blood Supply
  3. Inflame the supraspinatus tendon
    • Yes, you heard correctly, you must cause inflammation to the tendon. This can be done by direct cross friction massage of the tendon called a Cyriax maneuver. This inflammation will stimulate the healing power of the body and will help repair the damaged supraspinatus tendon.
  4. Recenter the joint
    • This occurs through a process called joint centrification which means to recenter the joint. This is done by using a high velocity-low amplitude thrust that helps to increase the range of motion and brings new alignment to the shoulder (think wheels on a car) to reduce abnormal tissue stress and strain. If you are seeing someone for your shoulder, make sure they know what they’re doing and not using this awful “adjustment” as this move will jam the humerus into the acromion further causing damage.Terrible Chiropractic Shoulder Adjustment
  5. Restrengthen the rotator cuff
    • It’s likely that one very important rotator cuff muscle isn’t working properly. This muscle is the subscapularis. The subscapularis muscle opposes the upward pull of the deltoid with shoulder abduction and elevation, thus maintaining proper glenohumeral joint mechanics with shoulder motion. It is also crucially important in not allowing the shoulder to slip forward. Most physical therapists are really good at giving exercises aimed at this and will give you an excellent home exercise routine that only works if you put in the work.

Bottom line, most partial rotator cuff tears don’t require surgery and can be treated conservatively. As a patient, don’t expect to be fixed overnight or without putting in the work. Remember, there are no short-term fixes if you want long-term results. A shoulder injection may help with pain temporarily but it will only lead to more damage down the road and further perpetuate the surgical scenario. Remember, if the problem is mechanical, it will need a mechanical solution.

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Check your rotator cuff and shoulder pain with these 2 could save you from surgery!
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Check your rotator cuff and shoulder pain with these 2 could save you from surgery!
Here are two simple tests you can do at home to check if your shoulder pain could be serious. This video shows testing of the most commonly injured rotator cuff muscles.
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