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Mental Health Issues and Chiropractic Care

Solving Mental Health Issues and Raising Awareness About Chiropractic Care

What impact can chiropractic care have on someone who is having mental health issues? In order to understand how chiropractic may impact mental health issues, we must first understand how the chiropractic adjustment works.

So you must be wondering, “what does a chiropractic adjustment do exactly?” First of all, the sound of an adjustment is the decompression of one or more joints within the spine.


What does an adjustment do?

The feeling from a chiropractic adjustment is transmitted to the spinal cord and stimulates a part of the brain called the somatosensory cortex. Similarly, this is where the feeling of the adjustment is perceived by the brain. After that, a few different processes happen.

1. Limbic or emotional response – feeling of laughter, happiness, sadness, or fear.

2. Stimulation of the norandergenic system – immediate fight or flight response to the adjustment.

3. The release of serotonin – sustained a feeling of euphoria and lowers certain smooth muscle. activation

4. Stimulation of the descending inhibitory pain mechanism – decreased response to the feeling of pain.

Reducing medications for mental health issues

In summary, the chiropractic adjustment stimulates the fight or flight response from excitation of the sympathetic nervous system. Also, the chiropractic adjustment allows the release of serotonin for a longer lasting pain relief and feelings of happiness and euphoria.  Most importantly, the chiropractic adjustment releases endorphins similar to those after administration of oral opioid analgesics. As a result, it also helps release hormones targeted at creating happiness and euphoria and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

For certain conditions, chiropractic care could alleviate the usage of certain medications associated with mental health issues. Remember, collaborate with your medical doctor and your chiropractor if your goals are to reduce medications for mental health issues. We all have a plethora of endogenous (our body manufactures) hormones within the body to help balance our thoughts, feeling, and our actions. In conclusion, it is extremely important to find a way to balance these hormones naturally to help solve the nation’s mental health issues.

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