Overlooked Cause of Migraine Headaches

In this video I’m going to help you understand where your headaches, or migraines, could be coming from. As a practitioner, one common condition that I see is called suboccipital headaches, or suboccipital migraines.

This is a condition, the suboccipital nerve comes out back here, wraps around up here, and patients can present with pain behind the eyeball, or pain back here on the occipital bone at the back of the skll.

I usually see this in patients that have some sort of a desk job. So as they’re at their desk, they’re hunched over in a stooped posture for long periods of time.

There is a large muscle called the trapezius muscle, or the traps. It spans from the skull bone and attaches all the way down to the mid back. It gets its name because it is a diamond shape like a trapezoid.

As the posture gets terrible from long periods of cellphone or desk, it comes down like this and it will stretch that trapezius muscle, making it tight, and also making it weak.

Now, going back to that suboccipital nerve, it exits through the skull and then pierces through the trapezius muscle, and then goes along the back of the skull. As the trapezius muscle gets weak tightened, the suboccipital nerve gets pinced like a guillotine mechanism. It starts to pinch or irritate that nerve, hence you get suboccipital migraines presenting from the back of the skull.