This Exercise Will Have Your Abs Screaming for Mercy

Whoa…this abdominal exercise is crazy and one of the hardest I’ve done.

Usually you want to work the core in multiple directions since there are so many abdominal muscles control and stabilize the core during everyday life.

I’m not usually a fan of straight linear core exercises but this abdominal exercise is too good to pass up.

Lower abdominals get a screaming eccentric contraction when lowering the legs.

The upper rectus abdominals get a great concentric contraction with the extra ump to get that 6 and 8 pack going.

Pro Tips

Be sure to support the sacrum using the ball so you don’t go into lumbar hyperlordosis (too much arch) and make those facet joints unhappy.

  • This is an advanced exercise and should be done with proper form.
  • Try it on the bench press before advancing to an exercise ball.
  • The larger the ball the easier it will be to control the core.
  • Try to get 4 sets of 10 reps with flawless form. 
  • Superset with an abdominal rotation exercise for a great core workout.

Music: Wander
Musician: @iksonofficial