• After only two (2) visits, I got relief from the pain! Chiropractic is the only way to go. This was the greatest decision I ever made to care for my body and mind. I would and do recommend chiropractic care to everyone I encounter who is experiencing a health problem of any kind. You can have anyone contact me for a recommendation, it’s for real!

  • Gavin loves going so much that whenever we drive in that direction, he is ready to go. He doesn’t understand waiting your turn, so when we arrive, he climbs up on the bed and lays down waiting for Dr. Kelly to FIX him. I tried to explain ADJUSTMENTS to him, but he told me, Dr. Kelly doesn’t ADJUST clothes, he FIXES bones. He loves Dr. Kelly and the tickle hammer.

  • Today, the chiropractic care I have received from Dr. Kelly Duffner has relieved all my back pain. I am once again able to be active. I recently participated in a golf outing and that wouldn’t have been possible without my chiropractic care.

  • Since I have started going, I feel great emotionally and physically. The main benefit for me is I have had a significant decrease in headaches since I started coming

  • My back is getting better each time I go for an appointment. It has paid off to go to this chiropractor and I feel much better.

  • It has relieved my pain and increased my mobility, all without having to use over-the-counter or prescription medications.