Anthen Blue Cross Blue Shied Chiropractor Cincinnati Ohio

If you have health insurance

We work closely with your insurance to make our care affordable as possible. It can be difficult to understand your benefits, so we make it simple and easy with no financial surprises.

High-Deductible or High Copay

More and more consumers are switching to higher deductibles to save on premiums. Don’t worry, most of our patients won’t come close to meeting their deductibles. We offer a generous time of service discount for those with high deductibles. Our rates are also comparable with most standard copayments.

Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account

Good news! You can use your health savings or flexible spending account for our services.

If you don’t have health insurance

Don’t worry, we won’t abandon you. We offer courtesies to our patients that may not have insurance or prefer not to utilize their insurance.

Third Party Payers

We accept personal injury and auto accident victims. We work closely with you and your attorney (if you have one) to get you the care you need.

Have questions about your coverage or pricing?

Contact us and we’ll do a complimentary benefits check and let you know the most affordable way to get you the best care possible.

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